Ceviche "Clasico" Clasico Ceviche Ancestral. (Fish, Mixed, or Shrimp)


Ceviche Cholo Power Seafood

Leche de Tigre, Fresh Lime, Yellow Spicy Pepper and Chalaquita Onions. (Fish or Mixed)


Ceviche Achorado Seafood

Leche de Tigre, Rocoto and Limo Pepper, Fresh Lime Juice and Chalaquita Onions. (Fish or Mixed)


Ceviche Chalaco (Spicy)

Leche de Tigre, Spicy Rocoto, Limo Sauce, Mussels and Chalaquita Onions.


Ceviche Pituco

Leche de Tigre, Salmon, Mushrooms, White Onions and Roasted Rocoto Pepper.


Ceviche Palteado

Tuna, Avocado, Capone Sauce, Sesame Oil.


Piqueo Entre Causas

Three Colors Ceviche in a Delicious Tuna and Avocado Causa.


Tiradito Nikkei

Tuna Carpaccio, Oriental Sauce , Leche de Tigre.


Tiradito Salmon Acevichado

Salmon Carpaccio, Acevichada Sauce, Leche de Tigre.


Langosta Mixto

Classic Peruvian Northbound, Lobster, Shrimps, Octopus, Fish, Calamari with Aji amarillo Cream and chifles


Ceviche Citrico

Avocado, Tuna, Salmon, Lobster and Shrimps·marinated with citrus

Tiger's Milk from Passion Fruit, Oranges, Fresh Lime Juice, Purple Corn and Chifles.


Ceviche Pimentel

Fish and Seafood with Roasted Pepper Tiger's Milk with Chalaca Scallops and Chifles.


Leche de Tigre

Fish, Onions, Fresh Lime Juice, Rocoto Cream.


Vuelve a la Vida

Seafood, Fish, Onions, Fresh Lime Juice, Rocoto Cream.


Ceviche 3 Ajies

Limo, Rocoto and Yellow Spicy Sauces. (Fish or Mixed)


Trio de Tiraditos

Tiradito Testing in 3 Authentic Peruvian sauces, Olivo, Aji Amarillo and Rocoto.



Peruvian Yellow Potato, Aji Amarillo, Lime, Stuffed with:

Pollo/Atun- Chicken/Tuna (500 cal.)

Camaron/Cangrejo - Shrimps/Crab

Lomo Saltado

Vegetales/Vegetables (490 cal.)



Crab Causa Topped w/ Ceviche







Tricolor Quinoa

Organic quinoa, lettuce, red and green peppers,scallions, red onions, cilantro, lime and olive oil (480 cal.)


Del Huerto

Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, yellow corn and carrots.


Caesar's con polio o camarones

Lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons with grilled chicken breast or shrimps.



Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, yellow corn, shrimps in vinaigrette dressing.



Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, yellow corn, mussels, octopus, shrimps, calamari in vinaigrette dressing.


Great appetizers for a perfect meal!


Aromas Appetizer 

Five spectacular appetizers in one: Ceviche, chalaca mussels, papa a Ia huancaina, ocopa and shrimp cocktail.


Red Quinoa Tuna Tartare (Gluten free) 

Tuna, avocado, sesame seeds, scallions, wasabi, lime, red organic quinoa (290 cal.).


Papa, Yuca o Choclo a Ia Huancaina 

Sliced potato I fried yucca or Peruvian corn served with Huancaina sauce.



Potato slices covered in a creamy sauce with white cheese, nuts, Peruvian Aji amarillo and a hint of black mint.


Choros a Ia Chalaca 

Mussels "Callao-style", onions, tomatoes, cilantro, marinated in fresh lime juice.


Palta Gratinada con Camaron y Cangrejo 

Avocado stuffed with gratin creamy crab and shrimp pisco sauce served with tostones.


Conchitas a Ia Parmesana

Sea scallops gratin with butter; white wine and parmesan cheese.


Chicharron de Pescado o Calamar

Crispy bites of fish or calamari served with fried yucca and salsa criolla.


Chicharron de Polio

Crispy bites of chicken served with Peruvian yellow potato fries.


Chicharron de Camarones

Crispy bites of shrimps served with Peruvian yellow potato fries.


Cocktail de Camarones

Shrimps in a special Peruvian golf sauce infused with pisco.


Pulpo al Olivo

Tender thin sliced octopus in a soft Peruvian "Botija" olive sauce.

Sushis, Makis, Rolls

Combines Japanese culinary techniques with Peruvian ingredients to create a unique brand of fusion cuisine.



Breaded prawns maki rolls covered with fresh tuna and Peruvian acevichada sauce.


Conchitas Maracuya 

Breaded prawns maki rolls covered with flamed scallops and passion fruit sauce.


Smoked Salmon 

Breaded prawns maki roll covered with smoked salmon and creamy rocoto sauce.


Aromas Crocante 

Crunchy roll stuffed with avocado, shrimp tempura, cream cheese and wanton strips.


Causa Nikkei

Causa bites with seared tuna covered with sesame seeds and seaweed salad.


Causa Mignon

Causa bites with grilled filet mignon and our house steak glaze.


Causas Roll

Traditional Peruvian causa stuffed with avocado, cream cheese and your choice of: Chicken- Tuna ...............  Crab -Octopus -Shrimp ........


Piqueo Roll

Combination of best seller rolls, ceviche fish and Crispy bites of fish.


Pescados y Mariscos



Filete a lo Macho

Grilled or breaded fish in a spectacular seafood sauce with a touch of Aji panca infused with pisco.


Corvina a Ia Plancha

Grilled fish fillet with special seasoning.


Filete de Pescado Encebollado

Grilled or breaded fish fillet with sautéed tomatoes and onions.


Filete de Pescado al Horno

Fish fillet broiled with white wine and butter.


Sudado de Pescado

Poached fish fillet in broth, white wine, yucca, onions and tomatoes (500 cal.).


Camaron al Ajillo o Ajo

Sautéed shrimp in a garlic and Aji panca sauce or creamy pisco sauce.


Pargo Entero Frito 

Whole fried Red snapper.


Jalea Mixta

Battered seafood mix, served with fried yucca and peruvian salsa criolla. 


Arroz con Mariscos

Peruvian style seafood paella, you will love it.


Pescado gratinado con Camarones y Cangrejo

Fresh fish gratin with shrimp and crab in our home made sauce.


Picante de Camarones

Shrimps flambeed with pisco and creamy Aji panca.





Chupe de Camarones

Creamy shrimp chowder with rice, choclo, egg, fresh cheese finished with a hint of milk and black mint.


Parihuela de Mariscos

Peruvian boullabaisse soup with a touch of Aji panca, white wine and homemade tomato base sauce.


Aguadito de Mariscos

Seafood in a cilantro broth with rice and choclo.


Sopa a La Criolla

Creole soup with meat, noodles, egg, a hint of aji panca, and a touch of cream.




A la Parrilla

On the Grill, served with two sides of your choice



Grill Churrasco.


Pechuga de Pollo

Grilled chicken breast.


Pulpo a Ia Parrilla

Grilled octopus with homemade chimichurri and anticuchera sauce.



Whole octopus, shrimp skewed, calamari, mussels, seafood, chimichurri and anticuchera sauce.


Churrasco a lo Pobre

Grill churrasco served with rice, fries, sweet plantains and eggs and anticuchera sauce.



Grill veal heart skewers marinated in Aji panca served with golden potatoes and choclo.


Pastas y Risottos


A Ia huancaina con Churrasco

Fettuccini with huancaina sauce and churrasco.


Al Pesto con Churrasco

Fettuccini in a traditional Peruvian pesto sauce with churrasco.


Wok Saltado Criollo con Carne o Pollo

Peruvian style Fettuccini with stir-fry beef or chicken, sautéed with red onions, tomato, white wine and soy sauce.


Wok Saltado Criollo con Camarones o Mariscos

Peruvian style Fettuccini with stir-fry shrimps or seafood, sautéed with red onions, tomato, white wine and soy sauce.


Rissotto DiMare

Aji panca Risotto, pisco, wine, parmesan with creamy frutti di mare served with salmon, corvina or tuna grilled.


Rissoto a Ia Huancaina con Lomo Saltado

Creamy parmesan Huancaina risotto with Lomo Saltado.


Rissotto al Aji Amarillo con Camarones

Delicate Aji amarillo creamy risotto, parmesan, shrimps infused with Pisco.


Rissotto al Aji Panca con Pulpo a Ia Parrilla

Delicate Aji panca sauce with octopus in anticuchera sauce.


Lasagna de Mariscos

Seafood lasagna.

Carnes y Pollos

Beef & Chicken


Tacu Tacu

Delicious crispy blend of Peruvian white beans and rice served like a tortilla

Tacu Tacu con Churrasco        

Tacu Tacu con Seco de Res

Tacu Tacu con Lomo Saltado

Tacu Tacu con Picante de Camarones

Tacu Tacu con Pechuga de Pollo


Aji de Gallina

Shredded chicken in a traditional Aji amarillo and walnuts creamy sauce served with a dash of parmesan cheese.


Seco de Res

Beef stew, slowly cooked with vegetables, beer and cilantro.


Cau Cau

Traditional Peruvian stew made with veal tripe, potato, Aji amarillo and a pinch of mint.


Seco de Cabrito

Goat stew slowly cooked with Peruvian chicha de jora, Aji panca, our traditional Aji amarillo and finished with minced cilantro. Served with rice and white beans.


Arroz con Pato

Traditional cilantro rice, choclo, and duck slow cook in beer infusion.

Peruvian Wok

Peruvian Style Stirfry

The perfect fusion peruvian/cantones, wok stir fry beef, chicken, fish or seafood sautéed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and soy sauce served with peruvian yellow potato fries and white rice.



Lomo Saltado

Pollo Saltado

Pescado Saltado

Mariscos Saltado


Los Chaufas

Wok fried rice with oriental sauces peruvian/cantones style.

Chaufa de Carne - Beef

Chaufa de Pollo - Chicken

Chaufa de Pescado - Fish

Chaufa de Mariscos


W/chicken, shrimp or beef (500 cal.)


Menú De Niños

Kids Menu


Chicharrón de pollo
Chicken nuggets; served with french fries or fried yuca.


Pescado empanizado
Fish nuggets; served with french fries or fried yucca.


Macaroni y queso – Mac & cheese.





Desayuno Lurín
Lurín style breakfast Peruvian tamale, fried chunks of pork, fried sweet potato, peruvian salsa criolla, bread, coffee.


Huevos Revueltos o Fritos
American breakfast Scrambled or fried eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, served with french fries.


Bistec Montado

Palomilla steak with fried eggs.


Lomo o Pollo o al jugo
Juicy beef strips sauteed with onions and tomatoes.





Arroz, Papas Fritas, Frejoles Negros, Frejoles Blancos, Yuca Frita,
Tostones, Platano Maduro, Cancha, Salsa Criolla, Huevos (2 unidades)


White rice, french fries, black beans, white beans, fried yuca, fried green plantains, sweet plantains, toasted peruvian corn, peruvian salsa criolla, fried eggs.




Chicha Morada
Delicious beverage made of peruvian purple corn, cinnamon cloves, fresh lime juice and sugar.


Fresh Juices

Maracuyá – Passion fruit

Jugo de Naranja - Orange juice



Soft Drinks

Smoothies - Batidos en Agua

Milk Shakes - Batidos en Leche



Sangria, Domestic Beer, Foreign and Peruvian Beer, Wines

(Ask your server for the selection)




Merengue Lucuma cake
Sponge cake filling of lucuma mousse with merengue italian flambe.


Maracuya Mousse
Tropical and refreshing passion fruit mousse made 100% with natural pulp.


Aromas Trilogy
Cold cake with layers of maria cookies and flavor pudding.


Mousse de Lúcuma
Lucuma mousse: made of our delicious peruvian lucuma.


Suspiro Limeño
Classic peruvian dessert, made of dulce de leche lightly beaten with egg yolks and port wine, topped with italian meringue with port syrup and a touch of cinnamon.


Cuatro Leches
Moist angel cake with four kinds of milk (condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream and dulce de leche) and port wine topped with whipped cream and dulce de leche.


Crema Volteada

Vanilla custard known as flan.


Chocolate Cake
Moist chocolate cake filled with dulce the leche and covered with chocolate fudge.


Bavarois de Guindones o Maracuyá
Light egg white foam with plums or passion fruit and syrup covered in creme anglaise.


Classic peruvian dessert, in a shape of rings, made of pumpkin, sweet potato flavored with spices covered with a delicious homemade fruit syrup.


One alfajor filled with dulce de leche covered in powered sugar.


Candy made of lemon, figs, orange, pecans or chestnuts, stuffed with dulce de leche covered with sugar or chocolate glaze.