EST. 2003


We take pride in the tranquility and quietness of our facilities; and humbly accept that through hard work, we have achieved consistent high quality services and dishes, bringing the heart of Peru's most authentic and delicious recipes without losing their original root sabers.

See you there!​

Aromas del Peru is a restaurant with locations in Miami, United States, born to spread our gastronomy Costa, Sierra and Selva abroad. Our menu includes traditional Creole cuisine, with classic style Aromas of Peru, as well as current innovations while respecting the classic. All of them, based on ancestral products so far consumed through our culinary diverse. We respect the traditional food of our country, which was developed through the contributions of the Andean cultures, African, Chinese, European and others, which have become flavorful dishes. Thus, our compatriots and foreign audiences will enjoy in Aromas del Peru national Peruvian flavors in a corner that offers a pleasant atmosphere to feel at home.​

About Founder

Marita Astete born in Lima, Peru and raised in the city of Chimbote, a fishing port on the Pacific, Marita grew up enjoying fresh seafood as a part of everyday life. After working for ten years as a server and manager in a variety of restaurants, she decided to launch her own. Combining her front of the house experience with her passion for Peruvian cuisine, she started Aromas Del Peru in 2003 what began as a single location in Kendall, one of Miami’s largest and culturally diverse communities.


Marita Astete founded Aromas Foundation in 2013 in order to serve the needs and lift the spirits of children in some of Peru’s most impoverished communities. This family business could not ignore the needs of one the most vulnerable groups in our society, our children. This is why our restaurants, together, are committed to the cause of the Aromas Foundation, an institution committed to bringing smiles to children living in poverty. In our business model, each guest collaborates with the mission of the foundation


Marita Astete is one of our award-winning, a woman with vision, courageous and brave, with a great track record as outstanding businesswoman in everything that she does, woman who inspires us, arriving in a country undocumented and now have six prestigious restaurants such as Aromas del Peru is worthy to admire; in life she achieved all her dreams with achievements and sacrifices. A dreamer herself, Marita describes her passion, “Let the dreamers dream.”


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